Lighthouse Mission Ministries

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Our Mission:

"Reaching People at their Lowest through
the power of The Highest"

There is a tendency today for people to look upon people experiencing homeless or struggling with substance use or criminal justice issues and blame them for their plight. The fact is that no one sets a life goal to become homeless or addicted, or to end up incarcerated. At the Lighthouse, we understand that every person that comes to us is on a journey, and has a unique story. We know that they did not set out to reach the lowest point in their lives, and we believe that their lives can be restored through a relationship with "The Highest." Jesus Christ commissioned His people to carry the Gospel throughout the world. Unfortunately, ministry to people in our own communities who struggle with serious social issues and who have no place to go is particularly difficult for many churches. In the cities that we serve, the Lighthouse has become a "bridge church" for men and women who face major obstacles on their way back to normal life. In other words, we are uniquely prepared as a church to support them and minister to them in a way that helps them make the transition back to independent living and participation in the support community of their choice when they leave us. Ultimately, we hope to eventually see those we serve go out into the world and share their own stories  of success and hope with others who are struggling.

At the Lighthouse, we believe that God can bring peace and healing to seemingly impossible situations. We believe that there is hope for everyone, and that every follower of Christ has an obligation to use their gifts to touch and improve the lives of others. Our programs include transitional housing; drug and alcohol recovery support services; transportation; and a back-to-work program that prepares them to re-enter the workforce and then pairs them with local employers who give them a chance to prove themselves. The Nehemiah program is intended to help people overcome their addictions and return to their home communities sober, employed, capable of independent housing, and engaged in helping others as they were onced helped. We believe we can help people re-entering society after imprisonment make a meaningful contribution to their communities, remain free, and over time regain trust. Our vision for serving these people includes expanding our Nehemiah Program throughout cities across the United States though our Safe Harbor church affiliation program, and one day, throughout the world.

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