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Our History

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Out of a small independent church founded in 1986, a vision to see hurting people helped was born. In 1990, God called Pastor Barry Bowie to that church to preach the gospel with a special anointing of compassion towards others. Shortly after, in 1991, Pastor Bowie asked Gregory Newcomb to join him as associate pastor. Greg, a former alcoholic, had a vision for an inner-city work that would reach out to alcoholics and drug addicts. Pastor Bowie and his wife Peggy felt  strongly that God wanted to give birth to the vision that God had put in Greg's heart, and by 1993, Lighthouse Mission Ministries Nehemiah Program was born.

Since that time, many have been called into this unique church to the homeless and addicted, and it has grown to five affiliate churches collectively overseeing over 400 beds and six recovery support facilities in two states; serving over 2500 people a year. To date, Lighthouse has served thousands, hundreds of whom are faithful believers in Christ who remain sober, independent, and self-supporting; some of whom have gone on to full-time ministry.

The staff listed below is made of people who are uniquely qualified for this type of ministry by their own life experiences and testimonies. All are committed as pastors to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to Lighthouse's special mission to be a church to serve people who are not ready for traditional congregations that are not equipped to deal with their special needs. These by no means serve alone; our programs are also carried out by many volunteers who give countless hours of service, and to whom we are eternally grateful.

Our Executive Staff:

Pastor Gregory W. Newcomb 

Senior Pastor Barry E. Bowie
C.E.O. and Chairman

Pastor Bradley S. Bowie
President / C.F.O.

Our Community Based Employment Program:

Pastor Rick Bryant
For Public Affairs Inquiries:

Pastor Kyle Bennett
Our Executive Director for Programs and Services

Pastor Kyle Bennett

Our Affiliate Churches:

Pastor Terry Milem
Safe Harbor of Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee

Pastor Gary Kenney
Safe Harbor of Clarksville
Clarksville, Tennessee

Pastor Mark Gay
Safe Harbor of Nashville
Nashville, Tennessee

Pastor Charles Sims
Safe Harbor Church of Little Rock
Little Rock, Arkansas

Fresh Start Women's Ministry

Pastor Peggy Bowie, President
Memphis, Tennessee

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